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Figure it Out!

As many of you already know (also pretty easy to deduce from my content), I'm all over the place. Some people think I'm indecisive, but I'm not. I'm a hard yes. Across the board. I live in a state of perpetual fascination. 

Generally, I think everyone and everything's awesome and I want to play. It's a really fun perspective, but also my brain shoots in eighty different directions at that same time, all the time. And for a long time I thought I needed to control that, hide it, push it down, focus on one thing and write off everything else as a distraction.


And that just made me dumb.


And then you don't do any stuff you want to because you can't find room or time or reason. Then you stop wanting to do stuff. I understand responsibility, but we're also responsible to and for ourselves. If you do something every night - realize that's what you want to do. And if it's not, well then, figure it out. 


A long time ago, Lou Reed authored a highly inspiring song called "Doing the Things That We Want To." Love that song. It feels so good to do the things we want to, and when we ignore them, our life becomes someone else's. If you're not doing the things you want to, whose wants are you doing?

So I made this place to try to track the things I want to do - the things I do. It's gonna take a very long time to manifest these projects into any realm of career,  since I *sort of* work on all of them at the same time... But, funny thing about doing stuff you want to - you're never in a hurry to be done with it. 



Charc Rochester LLC - Charcuterie for every occasion.

I cook a lot. I'm very good at it. I put my recipes and cooking videos here.

Four Glory!

Four Glory!

I don't feel as bad about wasting uncouth piles of time playing video games if I say I'm trying to monetize it.

Of course I have a cat website.

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