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Four Glory!

I don't feel as bad about wasting uncouth piles of time playing video games if I say I'm trying to monetize it.

I didn't know walking around with D&D books in junior high and high school was nerdy. I've played Age of Wonders franchise games with some of my best friends since they started in 2000. We have so many great memories and inside jokes we still use 25 years later.

It worries me as I've had some pretty severe game addictions in my life - League of Legends, and of course, gaming's oxycontin - World of Warcraft. But like, people make money just gaming with their friends - I'm not looking to make it a career - but wouldn't it be neat if I was like "Hey I'm going to work" then I sit down and play video games. That's how it works right? Just like that? Easy-peasy.

I'm also looking forward to creating game-based content - mostly stories and videos. And maybe sell cool gaming stuff and advertising on the site.

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